1. AIMS OF CLASSIFICATION: Protection of minors and information to the public. No censorship, no cuts.

2. WHAT IS CLASSIFIED? : Films, Videos, DVD, Digital Games and Theatre Plays

3. AND TV PROGRAMS? : On TV, classification applies only to films: films rated 16 or 18 can only be broadcasted after 11.00 p.m.. To other programs, apllies self regulation.

4. CLASSIFICATION IS MANDATORY:  Public exhibition, rental or selling of films, videos, DVD or games, depend of a license issued by the Ministry of Culture through IGAC, after classification.
a) Films in movie theatres: the system is mandatory but it's preview the parental guidance.
b) Videos, DVD, digital games: classification is mere information (except for pornography: forbidden selling to people younger than 18 years old)

a)     Age ratings: 4, 6, 12, 16, 18
b)  Special ratings: "Pornography" (P) and "Quality" (Q). Special rates are cumulative to age rates.


18- All pornography and those that explore pathological forms of physic and/or psychic violence.
16- Those that explore excessivly aspects of sexuality and/or physic and/or psychic violence.
12- Those that, by their extension and complexity, could cause fatigue or psychic trauma on younger children.
4- Those  with short duration and easy comprehension that don't cause frightening reactions.
6- All the others.
P- Pornographic: Exploitation of situations and sexual activity with the prime goal of exciting the audience and with low artistic  quality. P1- hard-core:If the sexual activity is explicit with exhibition of genitals; P2 - soft-core: If the sexual activity is simulated.
Q- Quality: the factors in judgement are artistic, thematic, pedagogical and techinal.

7. DIGITAL GAMES: CCE adopted the PEGI system. Classification continues beeing mandatory but the CCE rate is equal to PEGI's. In Portugal, 7+ and 3+ are 6+ and 4+.


        a) CCE is composed by a President, a Vice-President and 43 members appointed by the Minister of Culture.
        b) The 43 members are: 15 chosen by the Minister of Culture himself; 15 proposed by the President of CCE; 13 representing other government departments.
        c)  Each film, video, theatre play or digital game is classified by a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 members of the board.

8. APPEAL: After the decision, may appeal: a minimum of 3 other members of the board, the distributor of the film (video, DVD, game...) or 100 citizens. In case of appeal, the film or video will be seen and classified again by an appeal group of 5 members of the board, elected every year for that purpose. After this decision, there is yet a possibility of appeal to the Minister of Culture, that will decide based on the opinion of all the board.

9. STATISTICS: in 2004, 4624 "products" were classified, 14 appeals were presented and,  in 10 cases, the appeal group decided according to the request.

10. PUBLIC OPINION: according to a recent STUDY, 80,9% of persons consider classification important,  74,5% consider the existing age rates adequate and 86,2% would like to have classification to all TV programs.                                             





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